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at DeiMori LaMassa

It will be worth every moment of the journey to arrive at La Massa – a golden villa in the Florentine mountain of Casentino. The fridge will be full of wonderful local Tuscan produce, such as fennel flavoured salami, delicious lean prosciutto, home–baked bread and all the essentials (especially the wine) to keep your party going so you wouldn’t have to dash out to the local supermarket on Sunday morning .

What a treat!

You will have a wonderful host and info to all the local places to visit, such as the spiritual St Francis of Assisi’s Sanctuary at La Verna. The nearby town of Poppi and it’s medieval castle, even on a rainy afternoon, is fascinating. The Wool Museum at Stia is well worth a visit and having lunch there at a local restaurants (Osteria Filetto).

La Massa has everything you would want for a comfortable and relaxing stay with all the mod cons and efficient WiFi and you might be treated to a wonderful “last night” dinner with Danny and Marco – which would be a perfect way to end your stay.

Even a Butler for you

Even a Butler for you

A butler if you need it.
There will be always someone looking after pool and gardens and premises so you can have assistance all through your stay.

About Daniele “Danny” Dei

Cook on site

Cook on site

Upon request  you can have meals prepared for you and cooking classes organised for preparing together you own lunch or dinner.

Local guide and restaurants hints

Local guide and restaurants hints

Tell us your hobbies,  your sport , your likes or curiosities and we will be happy to share with you all local info and suggestions

Fitness, Sauna, e-Bikes and more

Fitness, Sauna, e-Bikes and more

The old cellar has been transformed into a small gym with some equipment, WII station, dvd for pilates, yoga and more.

We are getting ready to provide our guests with e-Bikes for them to enjoy our bikers paradise valley.

Wi-Fi nowadays is very important

We aim to provide our guests  with a fast and reliable connection.  Unfortunately, being in the middle of the wood the speed is what it is but fast enough to say connected with the rest of the world.    It is widely available inside and outside as far as the pool.

Concierge service

No problem if guests want to be totally private but otherwise like to share something with our friendly guests : freshly baked bread, water-melon,  cherries or figs from our garden,  a glass of local wine or an spritzer as an aperitif .

Pool and hot-tub access

The swimming-pool is covered with sliding polycarbonate elements that can be set according to your needs, it is solar heated so it reaches a good temperature earlier than other pool,  recently has been connected to the pellet boiler so, for a little extra guest can ave their favourite temperature even off-season.   The hot-tub is usually ON  during cold season so generally not in Summer.


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