The CAI is an important authority over here which rules and promote paths and walks all over the country, so people can just choose what to do and where to go and just walk everywhere easily.

Better with a local guide who can add fun, info and historical hints to your walk plus ideas for stopping locally for visiting and tasting farms and trattoria.

For those who are into hiking there are paths that take up to the “Idols s Lake” above Falterona mountain where Etruscan people used to do pilgrimages delivering honours and gifts to there gods and goddesses into the lake ( many of those statues are now at the British Museum and the Louvre ) .

Whit our gorgeous Arno river, its tributary streams coming down from the forests and gorges, the nature is luxurious with plenty of woods from oaks to chestnut, from pines to myrtles bushes and wide meadows .

Along the streams many watermills has been built in the past processing grains and corn, chestnuts and chickpeas for local farmers, a few of them are still working and happy to show everybody the whole process.

For wool and all sort of textiles a lot of industries has been built and now are beautiful Archaeological sites to admire from outside or visit inside like the Museum of Textiles in Stia .