A massage is a small act of faith between the masseur and the recipient, where understanding and harmony allow a pleasant state of total abandonment perfect to reduce the load of stress and fatigue on the body.

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The massage is one of the oldest forms of healing that man has ever conceived and used. Through the targeted intervention of the hands or specific tools, this technique allows the patient’s body to relax, warm up and strengthen itself quickly and naturally.

Over the centuries, massage techniques have perfected themselves and survived thanks to their extraordinary properties. Although each massage is intended for a particular type of result, we can safely say that the full-blown benefits of massage are many.

The massage has a relaxing, stimulating and energizing function on the body of those who receive it, improving circulation and purifying the skin. Based on the type of pressure, touch and energy exerted on specific areas, the massage manages to transform itself into an irreplaceable ally of our well-being.

Starting from the surface, a massage also releases its positive effects on the skin , making it brighter and more beautiful. Massage is the perfect tool to eliminate dead cells , and stimulates the pores to better absorb the nutrients in order to enhance the natural elasticity of the skin.

A massage, in a nutshell, is a formidable ally of youth, capable of preventing tissue aging due, in part, to poor hydration. One of the most popular results of the massage is that related to relaxation of the nerves and relaxation. In hectic everyday life, massage can be a lifeline that brings us back down to earth, making us comfortable and allowing us to slow down just when we need it most.

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The massage significantly reduces muscle tension, acting on the contractures and trigger points in a targeted manner and with the sole purpose of producing well-being that is lasting and pleasant.

A relaxed body is a body that is more loose, relaxed and easy to move. Some massages perform a precise lymphatic action , capable of eliminating toxins from our body through the movement of liquids.

A drained body is a body free from impurities, hydrated to the right point and with all the tools to fight cellulite .

The action of massage on the lymphatic system improves the immune system and helps regenerate the skin that suffers from inflammation, irritation or edema. In addition, the massage action helps to reduce physical and mental stress, helping the heart to work better.

The decrease in stress, also linked to muscle tension, allows the body to reduce its load on the nervous system, one of the first to react in situations of severe discomfort.

Through its decompression effect, the massage promotes the release of beneficial substances naturally present in the body, such as the endorphins, capable of appeasing the effects of anxiety and depression, improving our general psychosomatic well-being.

The massage is one of the first care techniques that are experienced at least once in a lifetime.

When you hurt yourself or feel pain, the first instinct is to massage the affected area to try to benefit from the stimulation of the massage. It is an unconscious gesture capable of causing small benefits, but which in general is part of the first therapeutic mechanisms that man adopts.

There are many theories on how precisely massage works, especially concerning vasodilation and relaxation of the tissues, but also the volitional imposition of energy and the tradition of the meridians.

Each massage produces physiotherapeutic, aesthetic or therapeutic results (and is inserted within the alternative medicine) with the most varied purposes.

A sportsman benefits from massage as well as those looking for a pain-relieving treatment or for purely aesthetic purposes, for improving the quality of the skin or reducing cellulite

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